You have a
Special Message
that you want to get out there on the web.


But a lot of times, getting from Point A to Point B takes more timepatience or know-how than you anticipate.

Problems getting from point A to B with digital marketing

This is where I can help.  

I can help with your digital marketing needs
Faithe Emerich - Silver Bell Web Solutions

I'm Faithe Emerich. 

I have more than 8 years of experience getting things done online for people.  

Over that time, I've...

  • Installed dozens of WordPress websites
  • Setup several Facebook Business pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels
  • Written many blog posts
  • Created hundreds of graphics
  • Monitored Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts
  • Created a few websites by hand using HTML and CSS
  • Worked with the WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium and Squarespace platforms
  • Performed some light video and audio editing
  • Set up podcast publishing to iTunes
  • Helped clients get set-up with Google My Business
  • Performed keyword research and implemented them into website copy to help with SEO
  • Created email campaigns and managed contact lists

:: big breath ::

... you get the idea! 


Here are a few specific examples of how I've helped people get things done online:

Groton Bible Chapel Logo


This church had an awesome idea but needed help getting it implemented.


Groton Bible Chapel wanted to create an online timeline of events that would help their congregation stay up to date with all the changes that were taking place as the chapel grew in size and scope.  After they gathered all the supporting documents, images, videos, and content, I took these items and arranged them within a visually oriented and interactive timeline.  When viewing the timeline, the user is able to navigate through the events in chronological order and are provided with links to the documentation and media to help them explore any particular event in more detail.  

Check out Groton Bible Chapel's Project Highlights.

Monster Oil Logo


These guys created an amazing product but needed a way for it to be sold online.


Monster Oil spent years on product research to create the perfect valve oil for brass instruments.  They have an entertaining and hilariously dry sense of humor which they poured into their marketing and YouTube video series called "Brass Chats".  These guys wanted some help setting up their website the way they envisioned it - featuring their Brass Chats interviews and a store where anyone could go to purchase their product.  The website is serving them well - last month they received over 1,250 visits to their online store!

Check out Monster Oil's Project Highlights.

Inspiring Creative Minds Logo


Managing an unruly website was taking up too much time for this business owner.


Jennifer Harris from Inspiring Creative Minds, has a heart for authors and helps them accomplish their dreams of publishing a book.  Jennifer had ongoing page speed and SEO issues with her website that were taking time away from running her business.  After a little bit of investigating, I discovered that her hosting provider had her website sharing a server with over 7,000 other websites! The web host ended up being the source of the page speed and SEO problems because of the way they restricted her websites' performance in order to accommodate their overcrowded server.  I switched Jennifer to a new hosting provider and now her page load times are normal.

Check out Jennifer Harris' Project Highlights.


I've enjoyed working with these clients as well as others...  

Maybe we could work together too?